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Pray you to know me better, Welcome and rejoice too, An admirer ardent at your soul's sill; In shapes and nature varied. From the aging branch of life Do wisdom drops off. When pains are converted in a beautiful poem like this every heart starts feeling pain of the poet without knowing what actually the pain is Report Reply.


God bless. Rgds and so much love.

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Beautiful poem. Beautiful lines Oh, soul blessed, Dive not unto its dark depth But it happens Concluding lines are fantastic Loved reading it. Thanks for sharing.

Lovely poem. Speechless Report Reply. Caught in the clutch of some indefinable pain that strangles and strangulates! A chaotic mental state is exposed in its fearful, depressing intensity through powerful words!

Puli movie review: Painfully yours

The concluding couplet is simplly great! Painfully Yours. Poem by Tajudeen Shah - Poem Hunter. Share this poem:. Good question.

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All of this can cause spasms and distension in your large intestine during the digestive process, which can be pretty painful, Jamile Wakim-Fleming, M. There are, however, a few tricks you can try to either make the gas go away or, at the very least, make you feel better. Drinking water does two things, says Dr. Wakim-Fleming: It can help move any gas-causing foods in your system through the digestive process, and it makes it harder for your intestines to contract in a way that gasses you up.

See, your intestines contract to move food, and if they contract too strongly or for too long, that can lead to or exacerbate gas.

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Until the pain abates, avoid habits that can lead to swallowing a ton of air, like taking big gulps of water at a time, using straws, drinking fizzy beverages, sucking your food down too quickly, talking a lot while eating, and chewing gum, Dr. Wakim-Fleming says. This is part of why exercise is recommended for constipation. If you're currently in the fetal position dealing with gas pain, think back to how much cheese, milk, and ice cream you had recently—even if you don't think you're lactose intolerant.

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You can spend years having zero issues when you drink a venti latte in the A. As most people age, they start making less lactase, an enzyme that breaks down lactose, the sugar in dairy products, Dr. Staller says. This is one cause of lactase deficiency and lactose intolerance.

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If you think dairy is behind your painful gas, try cutting it out for a few weeks or at the very least, the rest of the day and see where that gets you. While this mechanism has mainly been studied in regard to irritable bowel syndrome, the muscle contractions in that disorder are the same ones that can make gas feel so terrible, he says.

Painfully Yours (Remix)

It's not a hard sell when you feel like crap, but cozying up under a blanket with a heating pad on your abdomen can actually help fight gas. Like peppermint, warmth can have an antispasmodic effect on your body and help your intestines to relax instead of contract too hard or too much, lessening that achy sensation that all too often comes along with gas, Dr. Farhadi says. Though, as we said, getting up and walking around for a bit can also be helpful to do before or after you settle in with a heating pad.

Fiber is a key part of a healthy diet and digestive system. It bulks up your stool, which helps you stay regular instead of getting constipated. But on the flip side, having too much fiber can make you gassy as the bacteria in your colon works to break this tough nutrient down, Dr. These tips should, at the very least, help make your painful gas feel a bit better.

But if you're struggling with incredibly painful gas and nothing is helping, call your doctor. They should be able to help you find the root of the issue—and how to stop it.